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lochalsh pipes
Lochalsh Pipes are based in the beautiful area of Lochalsh in the Scottish West Highlands. Ross Calderwood, the pipemaker, has been playing Highland Bagpipes since the age of eight. He started playing smallpipes in 1994. Ross' interest in bagpipes goes far beyond the superficial. Ross has a good in depth knowledge of the history and diversity of bagpipes. His smallpipes, border pipes and reelpipes designs are based on the large archive of historical bagpipes that are kept in the various museums in Scotland and England. He makes smallpipes, border pipes, reelpipes, historical Highland pipes and one off commissions..  Read more


Smallpipes made of laburnum from the village of Dornie, finished with sycamore

and nickel silver ferrules.


Borderpipes made of laburnum from Dornie, finished with rams horn and nickel silver.



Ross Calderwood
Ceol Na Mara
01599 566208 UK calls
441599 566208 international calls



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